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Ron Hull Demolition Limited's Social Responsibility commitment is based upon creating a safe and healthy workplace, promoting ethical business practices, and fair treatment of all employees, including diversity and equal opportunities.

We are proud of the ethical business practices in that we do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, unfair anti-competitive activities, discrimination or harassment.

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd deliver social value in various ways, one of which is to actively encourage and pursue the use of local labour to bring both financial and social benefit to the community as a whole. We will seek to maximise the use of local labour on our Projects whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Social Value is integral to Ron Hull Demolition Ltd’s approach and operations 

Social value is not just a compliance issue, it is a statutory requirement that goes beyond the simple cost of service provision, to securing the wider benefits for the community every time an investment is made. Ron Hull Demolition Ltd ensures socio-economic development and environmental responsibility sits at the heart of every service, project and commission undertaken.

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd intends to ensure that it plays a leading role in the development of social value outcomes by embedding appropriate strategies into our procurement processes, our service delivery approaches, our employment practices and to shape the way in which social value is delivered, measured and reported upon.

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd is uniquely placed to unlock social value at scale, through a system of procurement solutions and innovative joint ventures, which engender long term collaborative relationships with framework delivery partners and clients, creating Ron Hull Demolition Ltd to plan sustainably and invest for the future.  

Delivering Social Value

Social value legislation requires consideration towards related social, economic or environmental benefits that can be delivered through the contract. Ron Hull Demolition Ltd are committed to being a leader in social value and want you to be confident that we always have the right commercial solutions in place to help you deliver real benefits - whether that is creating apprenticeships, reducing carbon emissions in the local area or unique local priorities.