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Lay-Soft Equine & Animal Bedding


Lay-Soft Equine, Horse and Animal Bedding is soft-chip bedding that has little movement, making it a hygienic, comfortable and warm bed for the animal. It is dust-extracted and super-absorbent - making it a cleaner, healthier solution for drier stables whilst also helping the "mucking out" process.

Lay-Soft is processed on-site at Ron Hull Group’s Wood Recycling plant to form a clean, safe, highly absorbent and dust-free bedding especially suited for horses. The bedding has additional built-in insulation properties for keeping them warm. Not only is it a great choice of animal bedding, but you’ll also be using an environmentally friendly product! All of our Lay-Soft bedding is created from completely recycled white wood. 


There are many benefits to Lay-Soft, for both the animal and owner. Lay-Softs inherent properties include:

  • Soft chip bedding that stays put

  • Comfortable and warm for the horses in winter, yet cool in summer

  • Dust extracted - helping to maintain a healthy respiratory system for horse and human

  • Sterilised without the use of any chemicals - for a cleaner, healthier horse

  • Super-absorbent - making cleaner, drier stables and mucking out easier for you compared to other equine bedding products

  • Made from recycled white wood - ensuring an environmentally friendly product

  • Odour elimination properties - reducing the smell of ammonia in the air

  • A lower spore count than most other available animal beddings, and it is also free from all known contaminants

  • Does not attract vermin as with other bedding material such as straw

  • "Stay-dry" top layer - the Lay-Soft chip bedding stack allows liquids to run through and be absorbed at the bottom of the stack, whilst allowing the top parts to dry off and remain warm for the horse

Additionally, because Lay-Soft does not cling to either the horse or its accessories (rugs etc.), this ensures that your horse stays cleaner, and means that you have fewer chores to do!


Lay-Soft is not just good for the horse, it has advantages for owners also, including:

  • Cost-effective and economical

  • Can be used in both bedding down and mucking out - meaning that you only have one product to keep in stock

  • Won’t blow about the stable or yard - so that's less cleaning up for you

  • Excellent odour elimination over products such as straw, which means ammonia odours do not transfer onto your clothing

  • Time and cost-effective during mucking out through reduced wastage due to its superior absorbency - significantly reducing muck heap sizes

  • Plastic wrapping enables you to store our convenient 25kg bales outside and they won't degrade or spoil, even in Winter

All this makes for more riding time and less on the clean-out chores!  After use, Lay-Soft is bio-degradable and an excellent temporary weed suppressant - so you can be sure that you are "doing your bit" for the environment and lowering yours and your horse's carbon footprint! But don't just take our word for it, read our and what they have to say about our equine bedding.

For further information on Lay-Soft please visit our website

Alternatively, please contact Lee Swift at Lay-Soft Sales on 07957 377237 or email

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