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Lay-Soft’s extensive equestrian customer base includes studs, racing yards, equestrian events and competition riders, but its use is not just restricted to horse bedding!

Our client list also includes customers in the following animal/pet care industries:

  •       Veterinary Practices using Lay-Soft for a wide range of animal bedding
  •       Zoos - A UK Zoo successfully uses Lay-Soft for their Market enclosure, among others!
  •       Showgrounds and Farming/Agricultural Events
  •       Pet Product Distributors
  •       Pigeon and Bird Fanciers utilising Lay-Soft for their breeding and racing coops and aviaries

We produce around 2,000 bales of Lay-Soft daily, so you can be sure we can meet your bedding requirements!

Step 1

Lay-Soft should be laid on a clean stable floor at a minimum 6" depth.

It should be banked up around the stable walls to help eliminate your horse getting cast.

Step 2

When mucking out, simply "riddle" with a shavings fork to capture all the larger soiled pieces for removal.

Wet Lay-Soft will stay at the bottom of the stable pile and easily separate from the dry top layer for shovelling out.

Step 3

Easy separation of wet and soiled Lay-soft means less costly wastage for you! Lay-Soft's dry, warm, comfortable properties mean happier horses!

For further information on Lay-Soft please visit our website
For all enquiries please contact Ron Hull Group on 01709 524115 or send us a message via our online form. 
Alternatively, please contact Lee Swift at Lay-Soft Sales on 07957 377237 or email