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As part of Ron Hull Group's commitment to recycling and included within our “Cradle to Grave” ethos, we have a wide range of products for resale back into the manufacturing industries. Drawing on the diverse depth of knowledge within the metal and waste recycling industries, coupled with a level of confidence built upon years of experience, we offer a range of products that can be re-used.

We should all be doing our part in helping the environment, especially due to the fact that the manufacturing industry has many aspects where there is no avoiding pollution. By using recycled materials and products where possible you are making a difference where you can and lowering your carbon footprint. We have made it our goal to recycle as much as possible, which is why we are such a great partner to companies in the manufacturing industry.


All of our products that are available for re-sale have been professionally handled and assessed to ensure they are in a suitable condition to be re-sold within the manufacturing industry. The following recycled products are available to purchase:


SRF Fuels

Solid Recovered Fuel processed at our Mangham 80 facility diverting waste from landfills. High-quality second-hand energy-efficient alternatives to fossil fuels.


All Grades of Ferrous Metals and Non-Ferrous Metals

Processed at our Mangham Works site since 1976. We have been recovering and recycling metal for years, helping people in the industry re-use products and reduce their carbon footprint.


Shredded Glass

White, Green, Amber and Mixed Colours through our Secure Destruction Facility. Glass can be 100% recycled as its base structure does not deteriorate when re-processed, so glass by-products can include an infinite range of new glass products.


Chipped Wood

Processed at both Mangham 80 & Mangham Works sites. Wood is an easily recycled product and should be recycled and re-used as much as possible.


Baled Plastic/Paper/Cardboard

Processed at Mangham Works. Ron Hull Jnr Ltd have the perfect machine to bale all our recyclables - from cardboard and hard plastics to steel and aluminium cans.


Aggregate Recycling & Topsoil

Waste produced through our Demolition & Skip Hire divisions and recycled at our Owen Springs facility.



Recycled clean wood made into animal and Equine Bedding at Mangham 80 and Ron Hull Farm. An environmentally friendly solution to equine bedding.


Throughout all our range of activities, Ron Hull Groups primary incentives are:

  • To constantly lower ours and our customers’ carbon footprint by using environmentally sound and up-to-date waste separation techniques and recycling processes;

  • Improving recycled product quality by investing in the latest technology and environmental techniques to ensure high-quality product grades are returned back into the industry;

All of the above are interlinked to bring the best value, peace of mind and security to our customers, whilst adhering to the Ron Hull Groups’ company ethos of recycling from “Cradle to Grave”.

For more details on any of the above products please call now on 01709 524115 or contact us here.

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