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Recycling Products

At Ron Hull, we are committed to helping the environment and helping people and companies reduce their carbon footprint through our recycling services. The Ron Hull Group accepts all types of waste into the Mangham Works/80 facilities in Rotherham. This including;

  • Textiles

  • Timber

  • Metals

  • Hardcore/Rubble

  • Many More!


We have a process in place to ensure that everything is appropriately categorised and recycled. Our waste pre-treatment process is as follows:

  • All heavy/large wastes are mechanically sorted using a material handler with a Rotations Grab attachment.

  • Container bins are provided to store/segregate any recyclable products - metals, wood, card and paper etc.

  • A Loading shovel will tip collected products into containers.

  • Smaller and lighter material will be hand-picked off the floor ready for the shovel to load.

  • Residue wastes are then moved over to the primary shredding bay for further processing - Primary Shredding.

  • Using a material handler with a Waste Grab attachment, waste is loaded into the primary shredder. This process pre-sizes material into an average size of no greater than 300mm pieces.

  • The residue pre-sized waste now starts its way through the MRF via an over-band magnet.


The Ron Hull Group operate within a plethora of eco-friendly policies and processes, ensuring that we help to protect the planet and help our customers to improve their carbon footprint. Our commitment to helping the environment extends to investing in new, efficient de-pollution and recycling technologies to ensure our commitment to recycling and saving energy is always at the highest quality it can be. We utilise advances in new technology today for the benefit of the planet and environment tomorrow. Read more about our environmental responsibilities.


If you are looking for a company who are dedicated to providing the best recycling services to help the planet, choose Ron Hull. For more information on our available services and how we can help you, get in touch with us. We offer bespoke solutions for all of our clients, whether you are looking for waste recycling on a contract basis or one-off arrangement. 

Recycling Products