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Recycling Products

The Ron Hull Group accepts all types of waste into the Mangham Works/80 facilities in Rotherham including;

  • Textiles
  • Timber
  • Metals
  • Hardcore/Rubble
  • Many More!

Waste Pre-Treatment Process

  • All heavy/large wastes are mechanically sorted using a material handler with a Rotations Grab attachment.
  • Container bins are provided to store/segregate any recyclable products - metals, wood, card and paper etc.
  • A Loading shovel will tip collected products into containers.
  • Smaller and lighter material will be hand picked off the floor ready for the shovel to load.
  • Residue wastes are then moved over to the primary shredding bay for further processing - Primary Shredding.
  • Using a material handler with a Waste Grab attachment, waste is loaded into the primary shredder. This process pre-sizes material into an average size of no greater than 300mm pieces.
  • The residue pre-sized waste now starts its way through the MRF via an over-band magnet.