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Glass Recycling

Glass Recycling With Ron Hull

Available to companies of varying sizes, our glass recycling clients comprise everything from bars and restaurants in the hospitality sector to commercial office settings. All of our clients, regardless of their industry, receive our complete end-to-end service with everything taken care of by our team of waste management experts. 

From the point of collection on-site to the melting down of the product providing the glass recyclates to manufacturers, every step is carefully managed by our team. Our environmental policy and cradle-to-the-grave process ensure that every glass piece collected by Ron Hull will be reused or recycled, with no room for anything else.

How Glass Recycling Works

Due to the makeup of glass as a raw product, it can be 100% recycled repeatedly with no loss in structure or degrading of the material. This makes glass recycling a vital part of all glass products available to purchase, with a very high chance the next glass bottle, jar or bowl you pick up being a recycled product.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

With glass being able to be recycled an infinite number of times, it offers a great way for individuals and companies alike to reduce their carbon footprint. The energy saved by recycling glass products to make new ones offers a stark difference to help the impact we make on the planet. 

Research suggests for every 1000 tonnes of recycled glass that is melted down saves 314 tonnes of CO2, which is great for our environment! Alongside this, the recycling of glass also reduces the amount of strain on natural resources such as sand and limestone.

Other Waste Management Services

Glass recycling is just one of our many waste management services on offer. Our iconic yellow Ron Hull Skips are available for commercial hire and smaller skips available for residential hire. We also offer recycling for a long list of other materials from natural products such as wood to scrap metal and plastic amongst others.

With over four decades of experience working in and around South Yorkshire, the Ron Hull name and iconic black and yellow branding has become easily recognised for a wide range of services, least of all our commercial glass recycling. 

Start Recycling Your Glass 

If you are looking to get your glass recycled, we have Waste Management Consultants ready and waiting to help. From an initial discussion about your needs to your first collection, we can advise on how best we can help and the perfect solution for you. Get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Glass Be 100% Recycled? 

Yes, glass is a natural product that can be completely 100% recycled over and over again with no loss to its integrity. After being recycled, the newly formed product remains in a solid structure and these materials can be recycled again an infinite number of times.

Can Coloured Glass be Recycled?

Coloured glass can be recycled. Although clear glass is the most common form to be recycled, it is also possible to recycle coloured glass from products such as wine bottles, which often take on a green colour.

Glass Recycling