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Glass Recycling


The Ron Hull Group are specialists in providing total glass waste management solutions, offering collection, recycling and disposal services to a diverse range of clients. Some of our clients include restaurants, pubs, recycling sites, and destruction centres.

Glass can be 100% recycled as its base structure does not deteriorate when re-processed and therefore glass by-products can include an infinite range of new glass products. For more information on the benefits of recycling glass, visit Waste Online.

As glass is such a good resource when it comes to recycling, you should always make sure you recycle glass waste properly. You can recycle glass many times over without it degrading, so this infinite usage and no need for further raw materials is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. You can save energy and reduce carbon emissions by recycling your glass and using recycled glass. Every 1000 tonnes of recycled glass that gets melted down saves 314 tonnes of CO2, which is great for our environment.


The Ron Hull Group can supply high quality shredded glass recyclates back to the glass manufacturing industries. These are by-products of our high-quality preparation and processing of glass waste. Our cradle to grave policy means that all glass we collect will be either reused or recycled, you can read about our environmental policy here

We not only sell locally and nationally but have the technology and customer base to sell our products on a worldwide global scale - please see our product sales for more details on our glass products.


Contact us here and one of our highly experienced Glass Waste Management Consultants will advise on managing your glass waste effectively and legally. We can work with you on either a contracted waste management service or one-off, whatever suits your needs best.

Glass Recycling