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Wood Recycling


The Ron Hull Group accepts all types of wood waste, ranging from unwanted/broken wooden pallets and whitewood packaging waste to demolition timber, joinery off-cuts, general redundant household wood waste and green waste.

Our client base ranges from large national waste management companies and local council civic amenity sites, to skip companies, builders and the general public. We can collect and recycle wood waste products through our skip hire division, either on a one-off or business contract basis. Our containers range from 4 cubic yard skips to 50 cubic yard for wood collections.

We can collect waste wood from all areas of Yorkshire. Alternatively, you can bring your wood waste into our Waste Transfer Station for processing if you are out of the area and have appropriate transportation.


The Ron Hull Group can supply high-quality wood chipping back to the manufacturing industries from by-products of our high-quality preparation and processing of waste wood. Our cradle to grave belief means that all waste we collect is either reused or recycled. Examples of our wood by-products' re-use are:

  • Animal Bedding - our own Lay-Soft Animal Bedding product is a by-product of our wood recycling service, 100% recycled from carefully-selected, whitewood products. This is then further processed/hygienically sterilised within Ron Hull & Son’s own farm and ready to be used. 

  • Laminate flooring manufacture

  • Chipboard manufacture

We not only sell our wood by-products locally and nationally but have the technology and customer base to sell our products on a worldwide global scale. Please see our product sales for more details on our wood waste products and other available recycled products.


Contact us here and one of our highly experienced Wood Waste Management Consultants will advise on managing your wood waste effectively and legally.

Wood Recycling