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SRF Fuels

Ron Hull Group's Waste Division can supply environmentally conscious companies looking for energy alternatives to fossil fuels with a high-quality secondary fuel solution, known as Solid Recovered Fuel. 

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SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) is shredded to less than 30mm pieces and is in demand for use as a fossil fuel replacement by power generation and cement companies. SRF is an excellent substitute for gas, coal and oil as it produces lower CO2 emissions as well as helping and respecting the environment by reducing reliance on our rapidly depleting natural fuels.

SRF is made up of general waste items such as cardboard, paper, LDPE films, cloth, rubber/tyres and textiles. These are products and material that would be normally diverted to costly and disappearing landfill sites, which is terrible for the environment. At Ron Hull, all metals, glass and rigid plastics are removed by our state-of-the-art recycling equipment, as these materials cannot be burnt and some give off highly toxic emissions when burnt.


Employing uniformly shaped and calorifically-rich solid recovered fuels as an energy-efficient alternative to traditional non-renewable fossil fuels has helped traditionally fossil-fuel burning industrial businesses to dramatically reduce their environmental impact.

To enable this effective re-use, our strict manufacturing processes ensure that our resulting SRF product is uniform in size and the material composition of our product ensures optimal transportation and kiln feeding processes. This is whilst also ensuring that the homogeneous composition of the SRF enables a constant quantity of heat to be achieved by these types of industries.

Using SRF fuel within cement kilns is an ideal re-use of waste. Burning the fuel at the exceptionally high temperatures required by cement kilns ensures that any toxic gases present from burning the waste naturally neutralises and is absorbed by the high degree.


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SRF Fuels