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Lay-Soft is 100% recycled from carefully-selected, whitewood products within Ron Hull & Son’s own Farm, ensuring that strict quality standards are maintained in the manufacturing process and that all wood is free of all known contaminants, making the product “from Cradle to Grave” as environmentally friendly as possible!

The manufacturing process involved in Lay-Soft Animal Bedding involves superior dust extraction, helping to maintain a healthy respiratory system for both horse and human (whilst additionally ensuring that wood dust does not pollute the surrounding air). it is thoroughly sterilised, without any use of chemicals, to additionally protect and maintain a cleaner, healthier horse and stable environment.

At Ron Hull & Son's Farm, our aim is to produce the best quality animal bedding at the best price, with the lowest carbon footprint!

However, the end-user's endorsement is the very highest accolade we could wish for and we have had several foals born on our top quality Lay-Soft bedding over the years!


Ron Hull Group staff carefully select choice pieces of whitewood. This wood is first processed through the wood recycling plant, where we ensure that the wood is free from all known contaminants and is ready for its first processing procedure


Chipped softwood is loaded into our Lay-Soft processing machinery which hygienically sterilises the chips without the use of chemicals.

This is further processed into smaller animal bedding chips, which is then packed into our Lay-soft packing bales and quality checked by our expert staff to ensure we maintain our excellent standards.


Lay soft bales are then carefully loaded onto our fleet of lorries for delivery to end users through our extensive UK distribution outlets where it receives the final check-over by the exacting end-user!

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For all enquiries please contact Ron Hull Group on 01709 524115 or send us a message via our online form. 
Alternatively, please contact Lee Swift at Lay-Soft Sales on 07957 377237 or email