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Abnormal-Load Movement

The Ron Hull Group are experts in transporting abnormal loads using our specialist lifting and transport vehicles.

All loads are brought directly to our fully licensed recycling centre in Rotherham, where we have the capabilities on site to safely dismantle the parts for resale and recover all ferrous and non-ferrous items.

All our abnormal load operations are carried out with careful health, safety and logistical planning prior to the job commencing and include full risk assessments. Site visits are carried out by one of our Project Managers and Dismantling team with constant liaison with the necessary road, traffic and police escort departments to ensure that the whole operation is carried out safely and expertly.

Here at the Ron Hull Group we have the ability to carry out full substation clearance and removals including transformers, switchgear, capacitors and earthing transformers and any other associated electrical items.

To contact our team regarding your next Abnormal Load Movement, please contact us here.

Abnormal-Load Movement