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With over 25 years experience in the Demolition industry Ron Hull Demolition Ltd have faced a wide range of challenges on a variety of site, from Industrial to Commercial, Urban to Petro-Chemical.

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd are one of the leading specialists in the Demolition industry and along with the help of the Ron Hull Group, we can offer a full turn-key solution from Demolition through to Recycling of all waste products.

All Ron Hull Demolition Ltd projects are undertaken in accordance with the relevant Health & Safety Acts and their supplementary regulation.  The Construction (Design & Management) Regulation 2015 are the main foundation for setting out our Project Management Standards.  Our working practices derive from guidance following the British Standards Code of Practice for Demolition - BS6187 : 2011.

With the wealth of experience throughout Ron Hull Demolition Limited, we have successfully executed numerous projects in highly challenging environments, using the latest techniques.

  •   Mechanical Demolition
  •   Manual Demolition
  •   Controlled Explosive Demolition
  •   High Reach Demolition

This has resulted in the demolition of many sites in an efficient, controlled manner with little or no disruption to the surrounding environment, neighbouring structures or general public.

We are also highly experienced in the removal and disposal of all types of non-notifiable asbestos based materials and provide a complete asbestos management service to domestic, commercial or industrial Clients, including:

• Asbestos Removal and safe Disposal
• Asbestos Consultancy, including Risk Assessment and Management
• Asbestos Surveys of the site(s), assessing all asbestos material, and defining the correct process of removal/disposal
• Asbestos Register completion in compliance with all current legislation
• Asbestos Abatement through encapsulation (preventing the release of asbestos fibres)

Examples of past Ron Hull Demolition Limited projects can be found here.