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Ron Hull Groups Electrical Decommissioning Division provides full Project Consultancy and Management and turn-key solutions for our Clients, which includes an identified Project Manager, initial and ongoing risk assessments and sub-contractor management, which ensures that all current Health and Safety and legislative compliance is fully adhered to.

All our electrical plant decommissioning contracts are project managed using our in-house Project Manager who will liaise closely with you to provide support and advice throughout the decommissioning project life ensuring projects that deliver on time and to budget and are successfully completed without incident.

Why is Electrical Decommissioning important

It’s important to take responsibility for all waste generated in demolition projects including electrical waste. Electrical waste is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world and one of the most harmful to the environment. 

Electrical waste can contain toxic materials such as mercury and lead, if these aren’t disposed of correctly they can pollute the air, soil and water. Once these chemicals are released they are much harder to clean up than typical waste, so correct disposal is essential for reducing their environmental damage.

Recycling electrical waste

Almost all electrical waste contains some form of recyclable components. These materials once recycled can be used in new electrical equipment. These materials can be highly valuable metals such as gold, aluminium and copper. Metals such as these take up a lot of resources to extract from the earth, so recycling is a cost and energy effective solution. Electrical Decommissioning doesn’t just help the environment by stopping pollution for harmful chemicals it also saves energy by not having to produce new ones.  


Please contact us here and one of our highly experienced electrical decommissioning 

consultants will advise on managing your electrical waste effectively and legally.