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Ron Hull Decommissioning have a team of expertly trained live site decommissioning and dismantling operatives, dedicated to ensuring that your plant and electrical decommissioning needs are met whilst ensuring full service for your business environment.


A live site is simply a site that is still partly in operation, this could mean there’s the possibility of potential hazards from electrical and industrial equipment. Due to this increased risk, live sites must be fully assessed before the decommission can take place to ensure the safety of everyone working on the project. 


Live-site risk assessments should be carried out by the organisation in charge of the decommissioning. It is their responsibility to keep their employees safe whilst working on site. The risk assessment can be broken down into five steps:

  • Identifying the potential hazards on site, most likely live equipment.

  • Assessing who could be harmed by these hazards and how it would happen. 

  • Evaluating the risks to these hazards and setting up the correct precautions.

  • Keep a record of the assessment so far and act on implementing the precautions. 

  • Review the risk assessment and amend it when necessary.

Decommissioning a live-site can be a difficult and more time-consuming process than a standard decommissions so it’s important to work with a team you can trust.

All our live site dismantling contracts are fully risk assessed and project managed using our in-house Project Manager who will liaise closely with you to provide support and advice throughout the decommissioning project life ensuring these high risk projects deliver on time and to budget and are, most importantly, successfully completed without any health and safety incidents.


Please contact us here and one of our highly experienced decommissioning 

consultants will advise on managing your live-site decommission safely and effectively.