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Road Sweeping

The Ron Hull Group’s Road Sweepers can help Clients manage their cleaning responsibilities and waste management. The Ron Hul Group are experts in the industry with over 40 years of waste management experience, offering everything from consultancy services to providing necessary equipment.

Our environmentally friendly Waste Management policy supports businesses from a wide range of sectors with a variety of needs. View all of our services to see how we can help with your waste management needs.


Our road sweepers offer a simple solution to maintaining a clear, clean and safe environment. Road sweepers can be used to clear public spaces, construction sites and commercial business areas. They are more time-efficient than traditional cleaning methods as well as safer making them a better option for your business.

The powerful brushers on our road sweepers can handle even the most challenging of cleanups. Materials such as dust can be difficult for the brushers to clean, by using the high-pressure water jets you can compress the dust making it easier for the brushes to remove.   

Why Road Sweepers are important?

Protecting the environment

Road sweepers can help your business protect the environment. Large public events and construction can produce lots of unwanted litter and debris if this isn’t cleaned up it can affect wildlife and the environment.

Litter and debris can make it’s way into our river systems, making them dirty whilst affecting wildlife. Many types of litter and debris can take a long time to biodegrade, so if it is missed when cleaning up it can be an environmental problem for a long time. Road Sweepers can help your business remove litter and debris effectively so it doesn’t harm the environment.

Creating a safe environment

It is the responsibility of the business owner to maintain a safe space free from any potentially harmful materials. Litter and debris such as glass and sharp metal can cause harm to the public and your employees. These materials can also damage road vehicles tiers, potentially leading accidents on the road. Road Sweepers offer unmatched efficiency when cleaning, providing a thorough clean resulting in fewer missed harmful materials, making the environment safer.

The Ron Hull Group offers highly competitive rates for Road Sweeper hire, including half a day and full day hire. We will work with you to ensure that all of your Road Sweeper needs are met.


No matter the size of the job, our road sweepers can help you maintain a clean and clear environment. For more information on our available services and how we can help you, get in touch with us.

Road Sweeping