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Ferrous Purchasing

The Ron Hull Group specialises in scrap metal recovery and recycling - trading in all grades of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. We are committed to obtaining the very best possible scrap metal price for all our customers and fix our prices daily in line with UK metal prices.

Common "end of life" products for both Ferrous and non-ferrous metals include

  • Demolition Scrap - scrap metal recovered as part of building demolition and dismantling projects - e.g. girders, structural steel
  • Factory Clearance Scrap - scrap metal recovered from old and redundant factory and engineering machinery
  • Rolling Stock - locomotives, railway wagons/carriages etc. that have come to the end of their useful life
  • End of Life Vehicles - over 75% of a scrapped car is recoverable metal, and there is a large market of major car dealers willing to buy the metal to produce new car parts.
  • Engineering Scrap – waste turnings and offcuts resulting from metal engineering processes
  • Domestic End Of Life Consumer Goods – steel and iron recovered from end of life consumer goods, e.g. Boilers, fridges, cookers, radiators etc.

The Ron Hull Group process all ferrous metals and transform them into valuable ferrous metal recyclates, ready to sell back into the industry as furnace feed for new product manufacture - see our Product Sales for more information.

The Ron Hull Group buys all grades of ferrous scrap metal in any size or grade.

We pay competitive prices for your scrap metals - contact us now for the latest prices!

Please note: We will require you to declare the origins of your scrap metal and present valid photo identification (driving licence or passport) to us in order to enable us to audit and comply with current UK waste regulations, and to ensure that the scrap is yours legally to dispose of.

All trade scrap must be accompanied by a Waste Carrier's licence. Ron Hull Jnr Ltd. can also provide companies with a one-off or contracted scrap metal collection service through our Skip Hire Division.