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The Ron Hull Group supplies all types of industries with a comprehensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclates manufactured to current UK and International specifications.

Our Recycling process ensures that these valuable ferrous metal resources are returned to the manufacturing industries – for example as furnace feed for steelworks/foundries or to major car manufacturers to produce new car parts.

Not only do we sell locally and nationally but have the technology and customer base to sell our products on a worldwide global scale, whether this be loading containers via ramp or with our two state-of-the-art container lifters, enabling us to load 20ft containers in the most efficient and safest possible way.

We also have dock facilities to load large shipments of material.

We sell the following Ferrous Metal grade products to UK and International customers:

  • 3 B Frag
  • Tin Frag
  • 8B Cuttings
  • Fork Lift Scrap
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Grade 9A Cast
  • Cylinder Cast
  • Cogs and Gears
  • Railway Axles
  • Railway Wheels
  • 7B Turnings
  • No. 1 / 2
  • O/A Scrap
  • 5-foot Plate & Girder
  • Grade 12a
  • Grade 12c
  • Grade 12d
  • Low Carbon Punching
  • 2-foot Cast Iron
  • Engine Block
  • 18-inch Construction
  • Profile Scrap
  • Low Carbon Sheared

The Ron Hull Group sells the following non-ferrous metal grade products to UK and International customers:

  • Copper - All grades of scrap copper, including Dry Bright Wire; Greasy Bright Wire; Baled Transformer Tape; New Copper Tube; Heavy Copper; No1 / No2 Copper Wire; Braziory Copper; Copper Tanks/Cylinders
  • Copper Ingots/Granules - Resulting from our high quality processing of scrapped copper cables
  • Aluminium - Iron Aluminium; Pure Aluminium; Litho; H9 Clean and Painted; Old Rolled; Loose Baled; Cast Aluminium; Alloy Wheels; Baled Aluminium Quadrant; Aluminium Copper Radiators
  • Aluminium Ingots - Resulting from our de-pollution process of End of Life Vehicles and resultant aluminium vehicle parts
  • Cable - Scrap Copper and Aluminium and Loaded Cables; Singles/Household; Armoured Cables
  • Stainless Steel - 304 and 316
  • Lead
  • Transformers & Motors - Baled Transformer Tape
  • Gold, Silver & Platinum - We pay the best prices for your old, broken or unwanted scrap precious metal items - including Gold, Silver and Platinum

Contact us here for more information on all of our products, and for current prices.