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Secure Destruction Facility


Our state of the art Confidential Destruction Facility has a high level of security in place, including:

  • 360° dome cameras (strategically placed inside and out) are monitored 24 hours a day and also videoed daily
  • CCTV surveillance of the whole site, and monitored 365 days a year
  • Physical perimeter security through burglar-proof high security fencing
  • Locked storage facilities with restricted and logged personnel access

All this ensures that customers using Ron Hull Groups Confidential Destruction service can do so safe in the knowledge that their goods will be stored and disposed of in the correct, controlled and secure manner, all at one site.

Effective, Secure and Environmentally Friendly...

Ron Hull Groups Secure Destruction plant and machinery is continuously updated to ensure we use the very latest technologies, and ensuring our ongoing commitment to lowering ours and our customers' carbon footprint!

Whatever the product we're disposing of, all product parts and associated packing are re-processed wherever possible in our on-site recycling facilities, ensuring that customer confidentiality is maintained and also that nothing is wasted and minimal waste is destined for landfill - for example:

  • All liquid waste is collected in a bulk storage tank and re-processed by a fully licensed contractor into agricultural soil conditioners, which are land-spread. This form of recycling is beneficial to agriculture and all undertaken in strict accordance with current regulations.
  • Aluminium cans are baled and sent for further processing (see Non-Ferrous and Zero to Landfill non-ferrous menus for more information).
  • Plastic is crushed and baled on-site, ready to be collected separately for off-site processing (see Skip Hire and Zero to Landfill plastic recycling menus for more information).
  • Steel cans are crushed and baled on-site and sent for processing to the steel industry (see Ferrous and Zero to Landfill for more information).
  • Glass is collected separately to remake glass containers or for use in aggregates (see Skip Hire & Recycling and Zero to Landfill recycling menus for more information).
  • Cardboard is crushed and baled on-site, ready to be collected separately for off-site processing (see Skip Hire & Recycling and Zero to Landfill recycling menus for more information).
  • Shredded documents are baled on-site.
  • Soft plastic/rubber products (eg. trainers etc.) are shredded and sent for further processing (see example below and Skip Hire & Recycling recycling and skip hire menus for more information).

The counterfeit products are fed into our Secure Destruction Facility's industrial shredding machinery, which ensures that all product parts are shredded beyond recognition, and that no parts can make their way back onto the "black market".

Ron Hull Groups environmentally-friendly Confidential Destruction Facility has regular inspections from the Environmental Agency, ensuring that each destruction process is undertaken correctly and safely, whilst eliminating contamination between recycled goods. We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and committed to effectively increasing our recycling rates for all waste.

Confidential and Safe

On completion of any of our destruction services, whether this be at this facility or our Waste Transfer Station or at our Zero Waste to Landfill Facility, a detailed "Certificate of Destruction" will be issued, giving you total peace of mind that your materials will not be found back on the market place.

For additional peace-of-mind we can also provide a copy of the CCTV-recorded destruction process as further proof and full audit trail that your waste has been recycled appropriately.