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The Ron Hull Groups Secure Destruction division can provide businesses large and small with a regular destruction contract or an ad-hoc service. All sized business waste can easily be collected by the Group's fleet of lorries and skips for confidential destruction and recycling, leaving Ron Hull Jnr Ltd to separate and process the different wastes for you.

We can also provide you with an HMFSA4050 - Movement Guarantee, which is a legal requirement for all ex-warehouse movements of duty suspended excise goods, for all sections of a journey not covered by a Community Transit Guarantee. See the Customs and Excise website for more information on your legal obligations.

Our Secure Destruction facility in Rotherham can deal with:

Liquid Waste

Liquid waste such as bottled water, canned beverages, food products etc. within the beverage and food production industry. We safely and securely destroy and recycle/dispose of retail packed food and drink products that are:

  • out-of-date
  • batch errors
  • faulty goods/packaging
  • promotional items
  • product recalls
  • brand retirement
  • damaged stock (eg. flood/fire damage)

High Value Branded Goods

Accurate brand identity is essential to most businesses, and conversely inaccurate branding can devalue your corporate products as well as cause first-hand financial losses. High value branded goods include products such as tobacco products, sportswear, cosmetics, and Ron Hull Jnr Ltd can safely and confidentially destroy and recycle/dispose of products that are:

  • out-of-date
  • brand retirement merchandise
  • promotional items
  • branded clothing/uniforms (confidential destruction ensures your unwanted/dated corporate clothing does not get into unauthorised hands for the purpose of corporate fraud)
  • faulty/recalled goods
  • seized counterfeit goods (securely destroying counterfeit goods limits black market activity and takes poor-quality items out of the consumer market, protecting legitimate brand identity)
  • damaged stock (eg. flood/fire damage)

Confidential Documents

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that businesses destroy their data securely after it is no longer needed and the required retention period has passed. Ron Hull Jnr offer businesses a secure document (paper/CD/DVD Media) shredding service which is undertaken by our own security cleared staff. Your documents will be shredded within 24 hours of collection and we provide you with a full audit trail report from collection to destruction. We can securely destroy:

  • Confidential documents including business documents/media
  • scratch cards
  • promotional materials
  • money-off vouchers etc.

All media is stored in secure, lockable containers until their destruction, ensuring that no unauthorised persons can access.

Once your goods have been destroyed, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for your audit trail and additionally all destruction processes are recorded on CCTV for every customer, further demonstrating that your waste has been recycled appropriately.