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New Volvo for Ron Hull Demolition

Ron Hull Demolition have opted for a Volvo EC480E rigged with both High Reach and intermediate demolition equipment.

The delivery of the new machine is the culmination of a long and detailed evaluation of its specification and capabilities that was ultimately considered more favourable by Ron Hull Demolition Ltd when compared to other makes on the market.

The new EC480E has been supplied with both a high reach demolition three-piece boom and a multi demolition boom – both of which are mounted on the patented Volvo modular base boom joint system. The machine also features a hydraulically adjustable undercarriage and hydraulically demountable additional counterweight giving the conventional 50 tonne excavator an all up operating weight of 64 tonnes. Other key options ordered by Ron Hull include a fire suppression system and a Chalwyn engine air intake shutdown valve for working in hazardous environments such as petro-chemical establishments and refineries.

When fitted with the three-piece demolition rig, Ron Hull’s EC480E is capable of handling a maximum tool weight of three and a half tonnes, half a tonne more than standard thanks to the additional weight of the hydraulically adjustable undercarriage. Thus rigged, the machine offers a maximum pin height of 28 metres, a maximum reach of 16 metres and a generous safe operating angle of fifteen degrees.

This is the second time a multi demolition boom option has been sold on a Volvo machine in Great Britain, giving Ron Hull a variety of operating options for different types of demolition work, also allowing the machine to reach a pin depth of 7 metres and is an ideal solution for underground demolition works such as basements, underground car parks and even underwater demolition.   

New Volvo for Ron Hull Demolition