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Ron Hull Group Produce and Supply SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)

Ron Hull Group's Waste Division can supply environmentally conscious companies looking for energy alternatives to fossil fuels with a high-quality secondary fuel solution, known as SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel). 

We have invested considerably into our Material Recycling Facility, ‘Mangham 80’ in Rotherham. The site turns RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) into a light textured SRF flock which can be transported waste to energy plants or cement kilns that are looking for a consistent, quality alternative fuel supply.

SRF is a high-quality alternative to fossil fuel produced from mainly commercial and industrial waste. It can be produced to a range of specifications – with strict control parameters covering moisture content, calorific value, ash content and chlorine content necessary to meet customer compliance obligations. The recovered fuel has a high calorific value and is used predominantly in cement kilns.

General and commercial waste travels through an automated processing plant incorporating over-band magnets, air-knife separators and picking lines at our Rotherham Materials Recycling Facility, where dry recyclable products i.e. card, paper, wood, plastics, metal etc., are removed. What is left is RDF. At our Waste to Energy Site the RDF is refined further using several shredders, electronically controlled conveyor systems and magnets to turn it into the final SRF flock. This is used as a carbon replacement fuel to create power for making cement. This combined process significantly reduces the residual fractions of waste taken to landfill. 

SRF is an excellent substitute for gas, coal and oil as it produces lower CO2 emissions as well as reducing negative impacts on the environment by reducing the reliance of rapidly depleting natural fuels.

We are dedicated to helping reduce all of our clients’ carbon footprints - view all of our other services to find out more about how we can help you reduce your waste. 

For more information on our SRF supply please call 01709 524115 and ask for Martin Booth or alternatively email us here

Ron Hull Group Produce and Supply SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)