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Project: Dismantling of Lund Bridge
Client: AMCO Rail / Network Rail
Location: Lund Bridge
Date: April 2015

The single span under bridge (circa 1905) has been redundant for several years and suffered heavy corrosion on parapet beams and deck plates. Four compound girders formed the main spans, with longitudinal timber way beams. Buried services in the road below included gas mains, HV electric cables and water mains.

Ron Hull Demolition were asked by the Client to look for innovative ideas to avoid use of mobile cranes (where possible). After undertaking a feasibility study we conclude a large counterbalance forklift truck could be safely deployed to remove the bridge deck sectionally.

Preparation and removal was undertaken during 2 no. night time road closures and blockade on the adjacent live bridge.

Possession No. 1 - Preparation Included:

1. Removal of the 2 no. pilaster walls at west elevation to enable parapet clearance (road plate protection installed on kerbs).
2. Flame cutting of deck plates and 75% of the transverse tie beams.
3. Flame cut slots in parapet beams to attach forks.

Possession No. 2 - Removal Included:

1. Final cutting of "tags" on deck plates and remaining transverse tie beams.
2. Lifting out individual span beams and parapet beams working from west to east.
3. Loading of section on to low loader and transporting of site.

The Project was completed well within the programme without incident or damage to remaining structures/road/kerbs. 

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Infrastructure undoubtedly has the potential to pose the broadest range of challenges in a decommissioning project. Often intersecting with other, active infrastructure, misjudgements have the potential to cause severe disruption. Frequently, tight time constraints to minimise inconvenience to the public mean infrastructure demolition requires an experienced, innovative and carefully prepared approach. Expert teams from Ron Hull Ltd have repeatedly shown they have the skills, understanding and experience to efficiently clear decommissioned infrastructure to exacting deadlines, while avoiding damage to attendant structures. We have demonstrated an ability to perform complex tasks with extremely rapid turnaround times, all to the highest standards of safety and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

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Dismantling of Lund Bridge

From steel to concrete demolition, Ron Hull Ltd is Yorkshire’s leading provider of environmentally conscious waste management. We always give highest priority to the needs of our clients and each time we are selected as demolition contractor of choice, we deliver a custom service based around the precise requirements of each client and each project. Through this simple ethos, we regularly receive praise and follow-on work from our clients, and in this way have earned an enviable reputation as a demolition contractor synonymous with excellence in the industry.

Safety is always a key concern when dealing with critical infrastructure. Combining challenges presented by the often complex material construction and deterioration from a lifetime of heavy use characteristic of industrial decommissioning, along with the proximity to important local facilities typical in urban areas, it takes an industry leading demolition contractor to balance the factors affecting planning and execution.

Whatever the exact requirements and challenges of a project, Ron Hull Ltd’s reputation for delivering excellence gives our clients complete peace of mind. Whether through completing tasks on time or under budget, or by providing comprehensive recycling of recovered materiel, mitigating costs through innovative remarketing solutions or protecting local communities from disruption by meticulous care and attention, our team are known for going above and beyond from day one of the project until completion.

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