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Project: Demolition of Screen House & backfilling of sub floor voids
Client: Yorkshire Water
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Date: June 2014 - July 2014

The project involved demolition of the redundant Screen House and backfilling of the sub floor voids. The building was sited below 132KV overhead power lines which remain live at all times. The 42t hydraulic excavator was fitted with a proximity switch to prevent max reach (including breaker) exceeding 10m from ground level.

RHD specialist team began the soft strip of building. Firstly, identifying location of residual oils/grease and check integrity of containers and manually removing containers to be transported to designated storage area using telescopic handler. Low-level studded walls were removed, working from 1m high scaffold tower, studded partitions above 3m height were left in-situ and removed during the demolition. Sequence of Events was:

- Site excavator/pulveriser at gable end (at safe stand off distance) and pulled brick gable outwards, starting at the top, working progressively downwards, removing courses of brickwork laterally.
- Pulverised through first roof trusses allowing debris to fall to ground and push infill panels in Bay No. 1 outwards.
- Pulverised through first roof bay section to bay no. 2 truss on screen house and annexe.
- Pulverised through first bay crane beams at north and south elevations.
- Pulverised through upper tie beams to separate bay no. 1 fro bay no. 2 (Screen House and Annexe).
- Demolished gable columns in bay no. 1.
- Repeated procedure to demolish bay no. 2,3,4,5.
- All footings were broken out to 150mm below existing levels prior to backfilling.

The project was completed within budget on time and most importantly without incident. 

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As a leading demolition company, we understand the complexities that often face teams required to decommission equipment or facilities. Often these complexities require a broader skill base and a more creative approach, informed by great experience, than the initial scope of the project may suggest. Environmental factors, legislation and impact on surrounding areas often govern the approach a demolition company must take to ensure safe, fast and cost-effective project completion.

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