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Project: Demolition of Pithead Baths
Client: Homes and Community Agencies
Location: Kiveton Park, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Date: August 2013 - October 2013

Historic pithead baths at Kiveton Park Colliery have now been levelled by a specialist team from Rotherham-based Ron Hull Demolition.
After years of debate about the future of the derelict building and even delays caused by nesting swallows the structure was finally taken down in just a matter of days. The last part to go was the landmark water tower.

Built in 1938 and paid for by the miners themselves the baths have been standing empty and unused since the pit closed almost twenty years ago. The site was at one point given Grade II listed status but after break-ins, thefts and vandalism the building was declared unsafe and had to be fenced off.
The demolition attracted national interest. A BBC television crew has filmed progress on the project for a programme that is to be broadcast later in the year.

As part the preparation work on the site, Ron Hull Demolition's specialist team did everything they could to save everything of historic interest including the huge Royal Doulton troughs that were used when the miners filled their water bottles before going underground.
Brickwork, concrete and rubble is being crushed on the site, a process that took about a week. Meanwhile metal, timber and other materials were moved to the Ron Hull Group's recycling centre in Rotherham, which is one of the most advanced facilities of its type in the country. It is a zero-to-landfill operation, so absolutely nothing is wasted.

Ron Hull Demolition continue to set standards for others to follow. 

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Based in Yorkshire, demolition contractors & waste management experts Ron Hull Ltd built their ethos around providing a comprehensive service encompassing all client requirements from day one to the final recycling of recovered material and full land remediation. We tailor all our works to clients’ exact requirements, understanding your objectives and managing our team’s unmatched expertise and considerable technical resources to deliver a complete service that regularly earns excellent feedback from our clients.

As a leading demolition company, we understand the complexities that often face teams required to decommission equipment or facilities. Often these complexities require a broader skill base and a more creative approach, informed by great experience, than the initial scope of the project may suggest. Environmental factors, legislation and impact on surrounding areas often govern the approach a demolition company must take to ensure safe, fast and cost-effective project completion.

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