Project: Demolition of Liquid Nightclub
Client: Ron Hull JNR Limited
Location: Rotherham
Date: October 2015

The iconic Liquid Nightclub in Rotherham has been levelled by a specialist team from Ron Hull Demolition Limited. A prominent feature within Rotherham town centre and especially the nightlife scene, the Liquid Nightclub was purchased by locally based Ron Hull JNR Ltd as part of their property portfolio. Perfectly located next to Rotherham United FC's stadium and overlooked by various local business offices including Rotherham MBC, as well as the local police station, the site is now awaiting further development.
RHD's management team, working in conjunction with the project team were faced with numerous complications to overcome when planning the demolition of the site. To the side of the former nightclub is a sub-station which contains a live transformer and gas inlet facility, whilst next to the site was a town centre car park. Both were to remain intact and operational throughout the project. The former nightclub was located next to an extremely busy public highway, meaning RHD's traffic management plan needed meticulous planning to ensure minimal disruption.
Before any demolition started on site an exclusion zone at the south gable, diverting car park traffic along the south boundary, was created.
RHD operatives then soft stripped the internals (non-structural) to minimise the risk of airborne debris during demolition which was followed by pre weakening of the roof structure in the first three bays at the west elevation prior to demolition of the building.

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