Project: Asbestos Removal & Demolition
Client: Wakefield Council/NPS
Location: Kettlethorpe, Lincoln
Date: October 2015 - January 2016

After an extensive Pre-Qualification and Tender stage, Ron Hull Demolition Limited were selected to carry out two projects running concurrently for Wakefield Council/NPS. The sites, located just ten miles apart, and required Asbestos Removal and Demolition to redevelop the local areas.

Following in-depth planning by the Management team, RHDL mobilised at the site in South Elsmall with both the HSEQ and Site Manager conducting their pre-start site inspection. A letter drop was then arranged in the local area, ensuring residents were kept abreast of the works and when the main demolition activities would begin.

Following the Asbestos Removal by RHDL's approved Framework Contractor, all buildings were soft stripped including doors/frames, cables, light fittings and suspended ceilings. All waste was segregated and disposed into suitable receptacles for removal off site.

The 360 excavator along with pulveriser attachment were then positioned at the initial opening of the building, and working from a top down method, carefully removed the brick work, exposing the internal building structure. Each section was then pulled down on to the base. Working between columns, the upper sections were pulled into the foot print of the building, all debris landing into the designated drop area within the foot print of the building. 

Following the direction of demolition, the excavator progressively demolished the structure along the footprint of the buildings. To maintain the stability of the structure the machine operator demolished the building methodically and sequential in a controlled manner. Demolition debris was then removed off each level as works progressed to prevent overloading.