Project: Bridge Dismantling, Monk Fryston
Client: AMCO/Network Rail
Location: Lumby Dock Overbridge, Monk Fryston, Leeds, North Yorkshire
Date: March 2014

The project involved removal of 26 No. Transverse Tie Beams and 2 No. Edge Beams during 2 no. x 8 hour track possessions.

26 No. Transverse Tie Beams @ 0.85kg each (7.5m Long)
2 No. Edge Beams @ 25te each (28m Long)


Possession No. 1
Scaffold towers were erected from track level to access tie beams at both ends. A 35t long reach excavator, sat on abutment walls was used to lift 17 No. of the tie beams out, after each end was flame cut from the scaffold towers. Detached beams were lowered on to a step frame low loader parked on the road.

Possession No. 2
A 500t mobile crane was rigged in the track side compound and full ballast installed. 4 of the remaining tie beams were removed manually using chain blocks attached to the edge beam upper flange. Each beam was detached by flame cutters and lowered on to wooden chocks. The remaining 5 no. tie beams were flame cut and lifted out using the 500t mobile crane, access to sling and cut tie beams was gained by mobile scaffold tower. Working from scaffold towers, slinging holes were cut in the edge beam webs and lifting chains attached, again from mobile scaffold towers. Individual edge beams were lifted off the impost bearings and lowered on to an articulated low loader trailer and transported back to Ron Hull Group Waste Transfer Station to be flame cut to size.

The Project was completed ahead of programme without incident.