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Project: Demolition of Bassetlaw Learning Centre
Client: Arc Partnership
Location: Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Date: 01-10-2020

Scope of Works

- Principal Contractor duty role
- Submit demolition notice and liaison with Bassetlaw Council
- Dilapidation and GPR surveys
- Asbestos removal
- Bat investigation works
- Interior strip out
- Demolition
- Slab removal
- Dispose waste arisings
- Topsoil & reinstatement work 
- Installation of permanent fencing


Under competitive tender, RHD were awarded the contract to demolish the former Bassetlaw Learning Centre. Although we were not the cheapest, the quality of our tender return and in particular our technical proposals being a key factor in the award. 

Project Challenges

- Discovery of additional asbestos containing materials 
  during demolition 
- Working adjacent to existing operational premises
- Traffic management onto busy junction

Description of Works

Following initial mobilisation and set up, the enabling stage involved installation of timber hoarding and trackway ground matting. The installation of the trackway matting created a new road into site, keeping demolition site traffic away from the existing shared approach road, used by the adjacent educational buildings. A dilapidation and GPR survey were also undertaken during the preliminary stages. 

The tiled outer cladding was identified by the ecologist as a potential roost for bats. Under ecologist supervision, RHD operatives stripped back the outer tiles for inspection – no bats were identified; however, bat and bird boxes were installed to adjacent trees as precaution. 

Various asbestos products were identified during the initial survey, including insulating board strips and packers; a material typically found in clasp structures and removed under licensed and fully controlled conditions. 

Additional asbestos insulating board was identified during the strip out/bat inspection works that was not picked up during the initial survey; if it were not for the diligence of the experienced RHD team, the asbestos could have been damaged during mechanical demolition creating a RIDDOR event.  

Following asbestos removal and thorough strip out where cosmetic elements were taken out the building, the steel framed structures were demolished by 30t machine with selector grab and shear attachment. Recycling of materials was maximised; steel was loaded out into scrap metal skip; waste was moved to separate receptacle for sorting into individual streams at the local RHD recycling facility in Rotherham. 

Building slabs and foundations were grubbed out upon completion of demolition and material removed directly off site. Clean certified topsoil was delivered and spread evenly over the building footprint. 

The trackway matting was removed upon completion of work and the ground reinstated. Permanent Heras Pallas fencing was installed to secure the site before handover to the Client.