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Project: Demolition of former Queens Park Sports
Client: Chesterfield Borough Council
Location: Chesterfield Town Centre
Date: March 2017

Following an extensive pre-qualification, and tender period, RHDL were selected as Principal Contractors for the prestigious demolition of the former Queens Park Leisure Centre, in Chesterfield. The project was programmed for 14 weeks, working closely with Main Contractors, Kier.

The projected consisted of the demolition of the leisure centre, including a swimming pool, and tennis, badminton, squash courts which were making way for a new 5-a-side football facility. RHDL’s management team, in conjunction with the site manager, developed site documents taking into account the surrounding areas, including the main roadway into Chesterfield Town Centre. After arriving on-site, RHDL’s sub-contractors removed all notifiable asbestos and were followed through the building by the soft stripping team, who removed all fixtures and fittings. All material was stored within the basketball court, for extraction, once the gable end was removed by the excavator. Delivery of the heavy-duty excavator, to the site, was meticulously planned to ensure minimum disruption to local residents. Upon arrival, the excavator demolished the south building, including squash courts, basketball courts and offices, working in a top/ down lateral method with all arisings being kept within the footprint of the building. Using remote mechanical techniques, the south-west corner was demolished with a robust traffic management plan being created, resulting in a lane being closed on the nearby road. Next, the central building was demolished by excavator, with the basement being broken out and backfilled with arisings from the previous buildings.

Finally, the swimming pool building was demolished, continuously breaking out the basement roof. All arisings were removed off-site to be crushed to the clients specification. This was then used to fill all voids on the site. As a result of the highly successful project. RHDL received praise from the local residents for, ‘Great consideration shown for the local area’. All work was completed on time, to budget, and most importantly – safely.