Project: Decommissioning and Demolition
Client: Centrica Energy
Location: Barrow in Furness, Cumbria
Date: September 2014 - March 2015

Following an extensive tendering process, Ron Hull Demolition Limited were appointed as principal contractor by Centrica Energy to undertake the asbestos removal, decommissioning and demolition of a gas and steam turbine power station. The site consisted of an 800te HRSG boiler and secondary steam generation. The station was surrounded by coastline, with the decommissioning aspect of the project designed to have minimal effect on the wildlife and nearby nature reserve, including regular vibration testing.

The project was undertaken in 4 main stages:

  • Water tanks and water treatment plant.
  • Above ground gas installation. (AGI)
  • Fuel oil tanks, pumps and pipe ranges.
  • Turbine hall.

Initial works on site involved establishing an environmental management plan, identifying potential risks and forming monitoring strategies for air, soil and water.

Decontamination involved removal and disposal of the founding materials which included:

  • Notifiable and non-notifiable asbestos.
  • Lubricating oil and fuel oil.
  • Laboratory chemicals and water treatment chemicals.
  • Inert gas cylinders.
  • Transformer oils.
  • Glycol (anti-freeze) from AGI.

Approximately 600te of transformers were removed by jacking and skating methods. In particular, two transformers weighing 85te & 80te were situated in a live Electricity North West substation. After close liaison with ENW, which included the submission of RAMS and on site meetings, the RHD team safely removed both transformers without any disruption to the site.

Water Treatment Plant

Firstly, Ron Hull's specialist team removed, contained and disposed of filter medium in the vessels.
Next, 2no main water storage tanks were demolished using a combination of excavators/shears,
followed by the dismantling of the water treatment plant's internal equipment. This allowed the
remaining areas of the water treatment plant and engineering workshop to be demolished. 

Above Ground Gas Installation (AGI)

After physically disconnecting the inlet pipe from the Gas Terminal and feed pipes to the station, Ron
Hull's operatives commenced the decontamination of glycol from water bath heaters. Once
completed, the Demolition team moved in, to successfully demolish structures above and below
ground. RHDL worked closely with Centrica's neighbouring gas terminal to ensure there was no
interference with the site.

Gas Oil System

The decontamination of the entire system involved stripping pipes and pumps to drain, then contain
residual gas oil. This then allowed the high reach excavator to demolish 2no gas oil storage tanks
which was followed by the removal of above and below ground pipe lines, running to the turbine hall.

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