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Project: Demolition & Site Clearance of Sherwood E-Act Academy
Client: Arc Partnership
Location: Nottingham
Date: Programme: 20 weeks

Key Project Challenges

- Tree preservation order in place for all trees on site to be protected
- Residential areas surrounding the sites perimeter
- Clasp building pre-tensioned involved a unique sequence to avoid premature collapse
- WPB mains asset situated on right hand side of main entrance gate to be maintained and protected

Description of Works

The demolition project that we were undertaking on behalf of Arc Partnership consisted of both high and low rise concrete structures. There were various and extensive preparatory works required before the demolition phase of the project could begin. This included general soft strip of the building, in which we offered furniture and equipment that was still in good condition to local housing and homeless charities.

Asbestos removal was carried out from the building in accordance with the survey our Client had provided.  

The demolition consisted of several main buildings and were carried out in four phases consisting of several buildings including the main sports hall, boiler and plant rooms and gymnasium. The scheme consisted of full demolition and removal of all floor slab and foundations. 

The direction of demolition was carefully planned to not encroach within the identified trees for retaining  footprint, care was taken to ensure that when demolishing the elevations adjacent to the trees the debris was pulled into the footprint of the building.

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd’s dedicated liaison team worked closely with local residents, nearby commercial businesses and all concerned at the Academy ensuring Client satisfaction at all times. We believe that engaging with people from the beginning, understanding concerns within the local area is crucial to achieving a successful completed project.

Recycling Rate

In conclusion, the project was completed safely, without any environmental or safety incidents and to the total satisfaction of our client, local community and immediate businesses, in line with a Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and demolition protocol. Ron Hull Demolition recycled 99.8% of the entire buildings and their contents, in line with our recycling targets

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