Project: Demolition of Substation
Client: Freedom Group
Location: Hull
Date: Hull

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd continued their strong working relationship with Freedom Group, on the Plane Street substation project in Hull, overcoming considerable planning issues including tight access routes, site segregation security and transportation of waste within a heavily built up residential area.

The project comprised of the demolition, down to slab level, of a late 19th Century 2 storey brick built and concrete reinforced structure, whilst providing scaffold protection to an adjacent newly built substation just a metre away. Also backfilling any voids, ducts and basement with crushed demolition arisings.
Prior to the enabling works, RHDL's Management team conducted meticulous planning to ensure safe delivery of all demolition equipment to the site, a task which proved to be tricky given the narrow residential streets.
After close liaison with local authorities and residents the project commenced in February 2015. Once the initial site set up and segregation had taken place, the first task was the roof slate removal which required scaffolding and edge protection. This was followed by the manual removal of 15 tonnes of furnace coke from the second floor of the structure. Next, remote demolition techniques were employed using the 360 wheeled excavator and various demolition attachments to bring the structure down to slab level, whilst protection was provided to the adjacent substation via scaffold crash deck.

The project was completed to the Client's satisfaction, on time, within budget and most importantly with zero on-site incidents.
The relationship between Contractor and Client grows ever stronger as RHDL move immediately onto the next substation project at Dundee Street, Hull.