Project: Demolition of Gas Holder and Digester Tanks
Client: ETM
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Date: November 2014

After a successful project at ETM Blackburn Meadows, Sheffield, Ron Hull Demolition Limited were recently awarded a further project at ETM's Woodhouse Mill site also in Sheffield, thus further strengthening the working relationship between Client and Contractor.
The project involved the demolition of 2no 14m Digester Tanks and 1no 7m Gas Holder tank, whilst in close proximity to a live Gas Holder, which was under scaffold protection throughout the works. After careful planning by Ron Hull's Management Team in consultation with an experienced Site Team, works commenced in November 2014.
Following initial enabling works, demolition with a high reach excavator started on Digester Tank 1. Using a rotating shear attachment, working from roof panels down, bringing short sections of the glass coated mild steel plate structure down to a designated area at ground level. Processing was then conducted by a 30tonne excavator using both shear and grab attachments.
Using the 30tonne excavator with rotating shear attachment, demolition commenced on the 7m Gas Holder tank, in the same 'top-down' manner as Digester Tank 1. This allowed for safer access and demolition works to commence for the high reach excavator on the remaining digester tank.
Upon site clearance, all scrap and site waste was then transferred to Ron Hull Group's state of the art facility in Rotherham thereby maximising recycling opportunities. The project was completed within budget, on time and most importantly, safely.

Ron Hull Demolition continue to set standards for others to follow.