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All Grades Of Scrap Metals Bought At Competitive Prices!

The Ron Hull Group specialises in scrap metal recovery and recycling - trading in all grades of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal. We are committed to obtaining the very best possible scrap metal price for all our customers and fix our prices daily in line with UK metal prices.

Common "end of life" products for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals include:

  • Scrap Copper: All grades of scrap copper purchased - Plumbing and Electrical - including Dry Bright Wire; Greasy Bright Wire; Transformer Tape; New Copper Tube; Heavy Copper; No1 / No2 Copper Wire; Braziory Copper; Copper Tanks/Cylinders
  • Scrap Aluminium: Irony Aluminium; Pure Aluminium; Litho; H9 Clean and Painted; Old Rolled; Loose Baled; Cast Aluminium; Alloy Wheels; Baled Aluminium Quadrant; Aluminium Copper Radiators
  • Scrap Cables: Scrap Copper and Aluminium and Leaded Cables; Singles/Household; Armoured Cables
  • Scrap Stainless Steel: 304 and 316
  • Scrap Lead
  • Scrapped Transformers and Motors
  • All forms of Scrap Brass
  • Scrapped Nickel Alloys: all grades of Nickel and Nickel/Chrome Alloys
  • Scrap Gun Metal and Bronze
  • Scrap Tin and Tin Alloys
  • Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum: We pay the best prices for your old, broken or unwanted precious metal items - including scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum

We pay prompt, competitive prices for your non-ferrous scrap metals and gold contact us now for the latest prices!

Please note:

  • We will require you to declare the origins of your scrap metal and identification will be taken for audit purposes, in order to comply with current legislation.
  • When trading in Gold or Precious Metals, valid photo ID is needed at the counter, and cash is paid immediately.

Please see our Services for Business and Services for Individuals for more information.