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Project: Decommissioning & Demolition of Various Buildings including Boiler Chimney Stacks, Workshop & Canteen and Archive and Gas Intake Building
Client: The Pirbright Institute
Location: Woking, Surrey
Date: Programme: 34 weeks

Following a competitive pre-qualification and tender period Ron Hull Demolition were appointed by The Pirbright Institute as Principal Contractor to demolish over 50 redundant buildings.

The site was split into two 'Demolition Zones', then both zones split into various phases over a 36 week project. Both zones were then split into phases.

Once all asbestos material had been identified and removed operatives soft stripped all buildings removing any plant and equipment. Machines demolition using various machines then commenced throughout both zones to slab level.

During remote demolition techniques, banksman were in attendance at all times ensuring exclusion zones were controlled.

Demolition of the main building began from the North wing using a gable Rig with grab and end piecing down the gable and exposing the concrete framed building supports then with attachment the Demo Rig began to take out the block and beam roof back to the next structural bay then returning to the first floor block and beam and in the same sequence as the roof back to the structural bay. Once the roof and first floor taken back to a structural bay the external walls were then taken down with Demo Rig back within the footprint of the building. The building continued to be demolished in a bay by bay sequence until completion. All demolition debris was stockpiled within the footprint of the building for removal to the laydown area.

Crushing of all hardcore arisings followed by backfilling of voids and grading with crushed materials.

Demolition of the buildings were of a sensitive nature as for all the G/Waste generated from the works was stockpiled and put through a shredder to go offsite as an energy from waste, and all scrap generated was processed onsite and went directly to smelter. All waste transfer notes corresponded with waste stream controlled by Ron Hull Demolition, all brick/ concrete was transported to the laydown area for processing and crushed to a 6f2 material to be utilised onsite by the Client.

Project Challenges

Given the nature of the site dealing with bio-hazards, working with unknown historical contamination and working within close proximity to live services additional control measures were actioned to minimise the environmental impact to the area.

Continued project monitoring and progress evaluation was conducted throughout the duration of the project to ensure performance criteria and client objectives were maintained and achieved.

Recycling Rate

In conclusion, the project was completed safely, without any environmental or safety incidents and to the total satisfaction of our client, local community and immediate businesses, in line with a Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and demolition protocol. Ron Hull Demolition recycled 99.8% of the entire buildings and their contents, in line with our recycling targets.