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Project: Demolition, Slab Removal & Ground Remediation
Client: Demolition, Slab Removal & Ground Remediation
Location: Old Guildhall, Caskgate Street, Gainsborough
Date: April 2013 to June 2013

Ron Hull Demolition Ltd's long history of working for local authorities continued when they secured the contract to demolish the Old Guildhall near Gainsborough Town Centre. The Client was impressed with the quality of the tender documentation and the post tender review presentation. This confidence in our service resulted in them awarding us with the contract, despite the tender figure not being the lowest.

Directly opposite the former Guildhall is a Grade II listed building, currently a Doctor's Surgery. Joint dilapidation surveys of all affected areas were undertaken and close liaison maintained with the Manager of the Surgery, local residents and other surrounding stakeholders. This alleviated concerns at source and no complaints were recorded. A robust traffic management plan was developed and implemented to keep construction traffic away from the Surgery and the Car Parks.

Working closely with the Client, RHD's Site Team mobilised and installed solid steel hoarding panels around the perimeter of the Site. The original specification was for timber hoarding; however we recommended the steel alternative which represented a significant cost saving to the Client and once again emphasises our determination to maximise value for the Client.

A demolition methodology was developed, approved by our appointed Chartered Structural Engineer, with sequencing planned to keep excavator movements away from the basement. The excavator with concrete cracker attachment fragmented the concrete structure progressively from top down. Modern atomisers were used to suppress airborne dust. Subterranean works were closely monitored by the Client's appointed archaeologist. 

Commercial & public building demolitions by Ron Hull Ltd – Experts in recycling, remarking & waste management, we are Yorkshire’s leading demolition contractors

 Public buildings are often by necessity placed close to vital local amenities and infrastructure. They often intersect with residential areas, busy commercial areas, and contain a high density of utilities. Demolition in such an environment comes with its own unique challenges, and may be affected by strict deadlines based on commercial or public use of these nearby spaces. Equally, different buildings have different purposes and each project might come with a unique list of requirements. The last thing residents, service users, local authorities and clients want is for the project to indirectly disrupt the community.

 Ron Hull Ltd have the expertise, based in decades of experience, to carefully balance the need for a dynamic, efficient, cost-effective demolition process with the demands of operating in a modern urban setting. For over two decades we have undertaken complex demolition projects that often have required our planners, managers, operators and technicians to go above and beyond for the sake of a job well done. We regularly earn praise from clients who have seen what we do, and the extra steps we take to ensure projects are finished, not just on time and under budget, but in line with the highest standards of professional excellence.

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From our roots in South Yorkshire, to becoming a highly experienced, trusted, industry leading demolition contractor, Ron Hull Ltd has never wavered from its founding principle of providing complete, eco-friendly solutions from the first day on site to the last. We can recycling and remarket almost all of the waste product from our products, saving our clients’ money and ensuring nothing ends up in landfill. We take pride in going far beyond many of our competitors in our ambitious environmental & sustainability policies. We ensure as far as possible that all possible materials are recovered and repurposed, recycled or remarketed, and we welcome enquiries from prospective clients into how we can deliver a seamless demolition with a minimal environmental footprint.

Our ability to deliver smooth, cost effective and environmentally responsible demolition services makes us first choice for many local authorities and companies who wish to minimise disruption and lessen the environmental impact of their project, as well as reducing costs.

With satisfied customers across the UK and an industry leading reputation as a safe, efficient, professional and innovative demolition company, why not speak to us about the ways our team can assist in your project.

For more information on any of our previous projects or the particulars of how we approach each demolition challenge, please feel free to contact our team at our office in Rotherham, Yorkshire.

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