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Project: Asbestos Removal/Demolition - Richard Rose Morton Academy
Client: Kier Construction Ltd
Location: Wigton Road, Carlisle, Cumbria
Date: September 2011

Working adjacent to the newly built school, which was in use throughout, Ron Hull Demolition secured the contract to demolish the former Richard Rose Morton Academy in Carlisle. 

RHDL were offered the complete site package including asbestos removal, extensive internal soft strip followed by the demolition of all remaining structures down to the underside of foundation level. All arisings were recycled through the RHDL mobile crushing plant for re-use on site by the Client. 

The Ron Hull Demolition Supervisor worked closely with the Kier Construction Site Manager to ensure that any potential interface with third parties was mitigated on a daily basis. This included the operational sports centre and car park located to the rear of the school, where full traffic / pedestrian management procedures were adopted. 

The demolition works included a four storey section to the rear, where a specialist high reach machine was used. This was demolished under controlled methods and banksmen attendance to the perimeter.

Despite the discovery of various additional asbestos materials throughout the project, which were not identified by the Client's surveying team, RHDL completed the project on budget and within the critical path denoted by the main contractor. 

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The scale of industrial projects can often introduce safety & environmental factors that take expert understanding to manage. Specialist decontamination, high security, proximity to critical infrastructure or active work sites, and other exacting circumstances mean you can’t compromise on the expertise of your demolition contractor.  Whatever the particular requirements of your decommissioning, dismantling or demolishing project, Ron Hull Ltd has the decades of industry experience it takes to visualise –and deliver- creative solutions to your project requirements. From initial decommissioning, waste management, and site clearance to full demolition, step-by-step dismantling of large-scale industrial infrastructure, asset recovery, remarketing and final land remediation- Ron Hull offers the full cycle of industrial demolition.

Based in Yorkshire, demolition contractors & waste management experts Ron Hull Ltd built their ethos around providing a comprehensive service encompassing all client requirements from day one to the final recycling of recovered material and full land remediation. We tailor all our works to clients’ exact requirements, understanding your objectives and managing our team’s unmatched expertise and considerable technical resources to deliver a complete service that regularly earns excellent feedback from our clients.

As a leading demolition company, we understand the complexities that often face teams required to decommission equipment or facilities. Often these complexities require a broader skill base and a more creative approach, informed by great experience, than the initial scope of the project may suggest. Environmental factors, legislation and impact on surrounding areas often govern the approach a demolition company must take to ensure safe, fast and cost-effective project completion.

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As one of the UK’s leading industrial demolition contractors, Ron Hull Ltd has decades of experience offering innovative solutions to the most complex projects. We aim to deliver forward thinking solutions that have consistently helped our clients achieve their desired outcomes in time and under budget, with minimum disruption and in line with all relevant regulation. We work with companies across the UK and are proud to have earned a reputation for excellence in industrial demolition services that frequently sees a one-off contract grow into a lasting relationship. With satisfied customers across the UK and an industry leading reputation as a safe, efficient, professional and innovative demolition company, why not speak to us about the ways our team can assist in your project.

For more information on any of our previous projects or the particulars of how we approach each demolition challenge, please feel free to contact our team at our office in Rotherham, Yorkshire. 

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