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What is Waste Management?

Waste management refers to the collection and correct disposal or recycling of materials. This is relevant to all businesses but especially important for construction sites where a lot of waste is created by demolition or other activities where there is leftover waste. It is important this material is appropriately managed to reduce any destruction to the area around it and reduce overall environmental impact. Waste management takes your waste and disposes or recycles it in a safe and efficient manner.

Why Have A Waste Management Plan?

In the modern world, we all produce too much waste for our earth to handle. We no longer have the capacity to just bury our waste due to the extensive amount that is created by us all each and every day. Having a waste management plan will allow you to ensure all of your waste is handled appropriately, as well as having a number of other benefits. It can be difficult to ensure all of your waste is managed and disposed of correctly when you are handling it yourself, which is why having a waste management plan instead of just handling it when you need to can be extremely helpful.  

Accurate Disposal

When waste is left, or disposed of incorrectly, health hazards can occur. Hazardous waste that is left can emit toxic chemicals over time. This toxic material can then enter the soil and water resources in the environment, polluting the water and food that people in the area will consume. This can be harmful to the general public as well as a hazard to the environment. Professional waste management means that toxic chemicals are disposed of accurately, preventing any impact on the surrounding area. 

Help The Environment

A huge part of waste management is doing your part to help protect the environment. It is no secret that environmental issues are bigger than ever, and we all need to do our part to help protect the planet. Excessive waste is damaging to the environment, letting off pollution and destroying our environment. Not only this it also ruins habitats for local wildlife which is another negative impact on the environment. 

Choose a waste management plan where recovered waste is recycled and re-processed into usable products instead of thrown away. The Ron Hull Groups pride ourselves on this being our speciality, continually investing in the latest technology to help reuse and recycle as much material as we possibly can. 

Stop Fly-Tipping

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste in a public space. The waste typically has an effect on the local environment, which is why there are now heavy fines in place for people who participate in fly-tipping. Having an effective waste management plan means a reduced amount of fly-tipping. There is no need to illegally dump materials when you have a method in place for removing and recycling your waste. 


The Ron Hull Group has considerable expertise in the sale and maximisation of scrap revenues gained since the company's incorporation. Within Ron Hull Demolition Ltd, both the Demolition and Decommissioning teams work closely together to deliver an excellent Asset Recovery Service

We can provide Clients who are looking to close industrial/commercial site, an ‘end of life’ service by Decommissioning their assets and potentially offering a rebate. Whilst going through the Ron Hull Group’s unique ‘Cradle to Grave’ process all assets can then be reused or recycled by our Parent Company, Ron Hull Jnr Ltd, therefore maximising best value for the Client. 

Having a waste management plan in place is important to ensure your company is appropriately removing any waste. When you choose The Ron Hull Groups to professionally handle your waste, you are choosing a company at the forefront of recycling as much as they possibly can. 

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What is Waste Management?